Sport Aid from Africa to Ireland is a unique programme initiative of the social enterprise charity, Sport against Racism Ireland.

Established in 2010, the forum is made up of 60 amateur and professional sports coaches coming from the African Diasporas working in 20 different sports on the island of Ireland.

Borrowing from the human principles of Ubuntu from South Africa through Insaka places of wisdom in Zambia to the knowledge banks of Alexandria of Egypt the forum works in solidarity with the people on the island of Ireland particularly in less fortunate communities through social and cultural contracts in the medium of Sport

The forum is anti-racist, anti-sectarian and works to help people suffering with xenophobia reach a stage of humanity that will ease the way to real cultural integration and social inclusion in Ireland.

The organisation is open to qualified coaches associated with the continent of Africa and is constituted in line with the European Commission’s White Paper on Sport with a not for profit status.