This successful side has been invited to play in the Leinster Football Association League at U19 level for the season 2011/2012. The majority of the players live in the Fingal County Area and are drawn primarily from the International Diaspora. The kit sponsor is Glentoran FC of Belfast and the UEFA 'Respect' Campaign. Insaka AFC is part of Sport Aid from Africa (SAFA) an initiative of Sport against Racism Ireland, a member of Fingal Ethnic Partnership and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Technical staff include James Igwilo (Coach), Zuby Ufoh (Coach), Rowan Windvogel and Samuel Opoku (Physios), Brian Samson (Conditioning Coach), Dr. Koogan Moodley (Medic), Kwame Darkwah (Webmaster), Steve Perry (Photographer) and is governed by a board of directors.

The team has a very busy Summer schedule having been invited to compete in the forthcoming UMBRO Dublin Cup. A forthcoming international football camp on the Faroe Islands is at planning stage.

In the meantime, tour games are scheduled for Liverpool, Leicester, Belfast and Galway. Prior to their overseas ventures they will play an NDSL selection and a County Down Milk Cup squad.

Taking the line from FC Barcelona, Insaka AFC promotes the 'Rebuilding Pakistan' for gratis on their shirts. In season 2011/2012, Insaka will promote the 'Fit Not Fat' campaign with gastronomic partner, Madina Group of Dublin.

For the past year, Max Mauro, the Italian documentary film maker has been carrying out an ethnographic study on the entry points of migrant youth into Irish society through football.
The players of Insaka AFC are the main focus his study.

For more information, please visit www.insakaireland.com or contact Ken Mc Cue (Hon. Sec.) on 0851056134