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We don't have to be great to get started, but we have to get started to be great!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE COACHES!!!

Insaka-Glentoran Football Academy Back in Blanchardstown

The Academy, with partners in Belfast and Abia, Nigeria is returning to Blanchardstown, Dublin as part of the '30th December Cultural Plan'.

Death of George Nkencho

It is indeed unusual and sad that a Football team would lose two players by violent means within a decade. Under the "30 December Movement" (date of George's death), Insaka-Glentoran Academy will be organising a tribute game for Toyosi Shittabey and George Nkencho once Lockdown is lifted.

Kicking off 'Living Together Through Football'. SARI-Insaka-Glentoran Plate Winners

Kicking off 'Living Together Through Football'. SARI-Insaka-Glentoran Plate Winners at Charter Ni-Unite the Union tournament in Harland and Wolfe Welders grounds Belfast

Three Glentoran-Insaka Academy

The Glentoran-Insaka Academy players have been invited to the Nigeria U17 International Training Camp in Abuja. Known as the Super Eaglets, the U17 teams hold the record for FIFA World Cup wins with a large number of players coming through the ranks to senior Super Eagle status.This is a big breakthrough for the academy that has been operating for the last four years under the Director of Football, James Igwilo.

Nkencho death leaves Insaka AFC grieving for second time in a decade

For the second time in ten years, Insaka AFC mourned as one of its players suffered an untimely and tragic death.