I'll stand with you - a Matt Norman film

Vicsports new campaign for equality and human rights, is led by Nova Peris OAM OLY. We at Vicsport are inspired by the stance taken by the late Peter Norman OLY at the 1968 Mexico Olympics

George Nkencho shooting: Racial tensions in Dublin’s suburbs

In 2010, Insaka Football Club was all but unbeatable in the North Dublin Schoolboy League. In its first year of operation, it won the under-18s league.

Nkencho death leaves Insaka AFC grieving for second time in a decade

For the second time in ten years, Insaka AFC mourned as one of its players suffered an untimely and tragic death.

Rest in peace George Nkencho

George Nkencho, former Insaka-Glentoran Academy footballer was shot dead by Garda.


It is ten years since the racist murder of Insaka-Glentoran trainee, Toyosi Shittabey. On October 10, 2020


In his latest book, Italian-Swiss academic Max Mauro captures the essence of the changing face of soccer in the Irish Republic.